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SubjectRe: dev_pagemap related cleanups v4
On Mon, Jul 01, 2019 at 10:25:17AM +0200, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> And I've demonstrated that I can't send patch series.. While this
> has all the right patches, it also has the extra patches already
> in the hmm tree, and four extra patches I wanted to send once
> this series is merged. I'll give up for now, please use the git
> url for anything serious, as it contains the right thing.

Okay, I sorted it all out and temporarily put it here:

Bit involved job:
- Took Ira's v4 patch into hmm.git and confirmed it matches what
Andrew has in linux-next after all the fixups
- Checked your github v4 and the v3 that hit the mailing list were
substantially similar (I never did get a clean v4) and largely
went with the github version
- Based CH's v4 series on -rc7 and put back the removal hunk in swap.c
so it compiles
- Merge'd CH's series to hmm.git and fixed all the conflicts with Ira
and Ralph's patches (such that swap.c remains unchanged)
- Added Dan's ack's and tested-by's

I think this fairly closely follows what was posted to the mailing

As it was more than a simple 'git am', I'll let it sit on github until
I hear OK's then I'll move it to's hmm.git and it will hit
linux-next. 0-day should also run on this whole thing from my github.

What I know is outstanding:
- The conflicting ARM patches, I understand Andrew will handle these
- The conflict with AMD GPU in -next, I am waiting to hear from AMD

Otherwise I think we are done with hmm.git for this

Unfortunately this is still not enough to progress rdma's ODP, so we
will need to do this again next cycle :( I'll be working on patches
once I get all the merge window prep I have to do done.


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