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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/6] tpm: add driver for cr50 on SPI
On 17.07.2019 23:38, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Stephen Boyd (2019-07-17 12:57:34)
>> Quoting Alexander Steffen (2019-07-17 05:00:06)
>>> Can't the code be shared more explicitly, e.g. by cr50_spi wrapping
>>> tpm_tis_spi, so that it can intercept the calls, execute the additional
>>> actions (like waking up the device), but then let tpm_tis_spi do the
>>> common work?
>> I suppose the read{16,32} and write32 functions could be reused. I'm not
>> sure how great it will be if we combine these two drivers, but I can
>> give it a try today and see how it looks.
> Here's the patch. I haven't tested it besides compile testing.

Thanks for providing this. Makes it much easier to see what the actual
differences between the devices are.

Do we have a general policy on how to support devices that are very
similar but need special handling in some places? Not duplicating the
whole driver just to change a few things definitely seems like an
improvement (and has already been done in the past, as with
TPM_TIS_ITPM_WORKAROUND). But should all the code just be added to
tpm_tis_spi.c? Or is there some way to keep a clearer separation,
especially when (in the future) we have multiple devices that all have
their own set of deviations from the spec?


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