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SubjectDVB abstractions: filters and feeds

I'm having a hard time understanding two abstractions in the DVB framework,
namely filters and feeds (P.S. I now see there are dvb_demux_filter's and
dmxdev_filter's, so it's really 3 abstractions that I'm not grasping.)


struct dvb_demux {
int filternum;
int feednum;
struct dvb_demux_filter *filter;
struct dvb_demux_feed *feed;


struct dmxdev {
struct dmxdev_filter *filter;
int filternum;

Also, I'm not sure about the relationship between dvb_demux and dmxdev.
Should they have the same filternum for a given adapter instance?

Basically, could someone shed a bit of light on these topics?
struct dmxdev : "Describes a digital TV demux device." /me puzzled
struct dvb_demux : "represents a digital TV demux"


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