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SubjectRe: [Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH v2] PCI: Remove functions not called in include/linux/pci.h
On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 09:42:47PM +0200, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Jul 2019, Kelsey Skunberg wrote:
> > Remove the following uncalled functions from include/linux/pci.h:
> >
> > pci_block_cfg_access()
> > pci_block_cfg_access_in_atomic()
> > pci_unblock_cfg_access()
> >
> > Functions were added in patch fb51ccbf217c "PCI: Rework config space
> > blocking services", ...

> Also note that commits are referred to with this format:
> commit <12-character sha prefix> ("<commit message>")

FWIW, I use this shell alias to generate these references:

gsr is aliased to `git --no-pager show -s --abbrev-commit --abbrev=12 --pretty=format:"%h (\"%s\")%n"'

$ gsr fb51ccb
fb51ccbf217c ("PCI: Rework config space blocking services")

Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst mentions a 12-char (at
least) SHA-1 but the e21d2170f36 example shows a *20*-char SHA-1,
which seems excessive to me.

I personally skip the word "commit" because I figure it's pretty
obvious what it is, but it's fine either way.


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