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SubjectRe: [PATCH 16/30] net/wireless: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation
Fuqian Huang <> writes:

> kmemdup is introduced to duplicate a region of memory in a neat way.
> Rather than kmalloc/kzalloc + memset, which the programmer needs to
> write the size twice (sometimes lead to mistakes), kmemdup improves
> readability, leads to smaller code and also reduce the chances of mistakes.
> Suggestion to use kmemdup rather than using kmalloc/kzalloc + memset.
> Signed-off-by: Fuqian Huang <>

I assume I can take this to wireless-drivers-next. If not, please

Fuqian, it would help the maintainers a lot if you could clearly
indicate to which tree the patches are planned to be commited. If I just
see one patch from a 30 patch set I have no clue what is your plan,
either is someone else going to apply the full patchset or the
maintainers should pick respective patches individually.

Kalle Valo

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