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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Marvell 88E8040 (sky2) fails after hibernation
On 6/27/19 9:38 AM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>> I did two tests:
>> If I boot with sky2.disable_msi=1 on the kernel cmdline then the problem goes
>> away (when back from hibernation, the NIC works OK).
>> If I boot regularly (disable_msi not set) and then do modprobe -r sky2;
>> modprobe sky2 disable_msi=1, the problem stays (when back from hibernation,
>> the NIC does not work).
> Interesting. Did you verify that the driver still uses INTx after
> hibernation in /proc/interrupts?
> cat /proc/interrupts | grep eth0
> The 6st column should show IO-APIC for INTx. If it shows PCI-MSI then
> something went wrong

Hi, Thomas,

If I reboot with sky2.disable_msi=1, then I get IO-APIC and the bug does
not occur:

19: 0 0 0 0 IO-APIC 19-fasteoi eth0

However, if I reboot without sky2.disable_msi=1 it properly starts as
PCI-MSI and then, after re-modprobing it it goes to IO-APIC, but the bug
occurs anyway:

$ cat /proc/interrupts | grep eth
27: 0 1 0 0 PCI-MSI 3145728-edge

$ sudo modprobe -r sky2
[sudo] password for alvarezp:

$ sudo modprobe sky2 disable_msi=1

$ # hibernating and coming back hibernation

$ cat /proc/interrupts | grep eth
19: 0 0 0 0 IO-APIC 19-fasteoi

> Also please check Linus suspicion about the module being reloaded after
> hibernation through some distro magic.

This is not happening. Each time the driver is loaded the message "sky2:
driver version 1.30" is shown.

I confirm only 1 line for the sky2.disable_msi=1 from kernel boot and
only 2 lines for re-modprobing.

Best regards,

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