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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 1/2] fTPM: firmware TPM running in TEE
Hi Thirupathaiah

Apologies for tha lte reply, i somehow misplaced this mail.

> >
> > Please check the previous mail from Sumit. It explains exaclty what's going on.
> > The tl;dr version is that the storage is up only when the supplicant is
> > running.
> I definitely know that OP-TEE can access storage only when the "user mode" supplicant
> is running :). But fTPM NV storage should have been initialized in
> in the preboot environment (UEFI/U-boot).
> It would also be helpful to understand the overall use case/scenario (Measured boot?)you
> are trying to exercise with the fTPM.

In the future yesm measured boot/ For now it's more like like try running it in
QEMU to demonstrate firmware TPM makes sense and has use cases.

> I also want to emphasize that this discussion is turning into more of how
> fTPM gets integrated/enabled in a new HW platform.
> fTPM is hosted in github and you definitely bring any issues/feature requests there.


> >
> > > If you let me know the HW platform details, I am happy to work with you to
> > enable/integrate
> > > fTPM TA on that HW platform.
> > >
> > Thanks,
> > The hardware i am waiting for for has an eMMC RPMB. In theory the U-Boot
> > supplicant support will be there so i'll be able to test it.
> Can you give me the details of HW so that I can order one for myself?

It's QEMU for now. We plan on doing something similar in an ST disco board

> Is it one of the 96boards?

stm32mp157c-dk2 is one of our targets.

> The reason for the ask is that we have not upstreamd u-boot fTPM stack yet,
> although we have future plans for it.
> --Thiru


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