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Subjectdev_pagemap related cleanups v4
Hi Dan, Jérôme and Jason,

below is a series that cleans up the dev_pagemap interface so that
it is more easily usable, which removes the need to wrap it in hmm
and thus allowing to kill a lot of code

Note: this series is on top of Linux 5.2-rc6 and has some minor
conflicts with the hmm tree that are easy to resolve.

Diffstat summary:

34 files changed, 379 insertions(+), 1016 deletions(-)

Git tree:

git:// hmm-devmem-cleanup.4


Changes since v3:
- pull in "mm/swap: Fix release_pages() when releasing devmap pages" and
rebase the other patches on top of that
- fold the hmm_devmem_add_resource into the DEVICE_PUBLIC memory removal
- remove _vm_normal_page as it isn't needed without DEVICE_PUBLIC memory
- pick up various ACKs

Changes since v2:
- fix nvdimm kunit build
- add a new memory type for device dax
- fix a few issues in intermediate patches that didn't show up in the end
- incorporate feedback from Michal Hocko, including killing of
the DEVICE_PUBLIC memory type entirely

Changes since v1:
- rebase
- also switch p2pdma to the internal refcount
- add type checking for pgmap->type
- rename the migrate method to migrate_to_ram
- cleanup the altmap_valid flag
- various tidbits from the reviews

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