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SubjectRe: [RFC next v1 0/5] stmmac: honor the GPIO flags for the PHY reset GPIO
> Patch #1 and #4 are minor cleanups which follow the boyscout rule:
> "Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it."

> I
> am also looking for suggestions how to handle these cross-tree changes
> (patch #2 belongs to the linux-gpio tree, patches #1, 3 and #4 should
> go through the net-next tree. I will re-send patch #5 separately as
> this should go through Kevin's linux-amlogic tree).

Hi Martin

Patches 1 and 4 don't seem to have and dependencies. So i would
suggest splitting them out and submitting them to netdev for merging
independent of the rest.

Linus can probably create a stable branch with the GPIO changes, which
David can pull into net-next, and then apply the stmmac changes on


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