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SubjectRe: [PATCH 23/23] NFS: Add fs_context support.
Schumaker, Anna <> wrote:

> > 17 files changed, 1293 insertions(+), 1331 deletions(-)
> Can you please split this patch up?

Um... Al and I have split it up somewhat. See the other 22 patches in the
series ;-)

Splitting it up further is going to be tricky because of the way stuff weaves
around all over the place in fs/nfs/. I can have a go, but, for various
reasons, I'm not going to have time to look at that till after the next merge
window. I don't know whether SteveD has a sufficiently empty plate to offload
that to him?

> The mailing list dropped it because it's over 100,000 characters
> ( and I can't use the
> version you sent directly to me because Office365 / Evolution keeps
> converting tabs to spaces somewhere along the line.

Note also this bit in the cover letter:

The patches can be found here also:

on branch:




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