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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/5] arch: riscv: add board and SoC DT file support
On 6/5/19 10:37 AM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Paul Walmsley <> writes:
>> Add support for building flattened DT files from DT source files under
>> arch/riscv/boot/dts. Follow existing kernel precedent from other SoC
>> architectures. Start our board support by adding initial support for
>> the SiFive FU540 SoC and the first development board that uses it, the
>> SiFive HiFive Unleashed A00.
>> This third version of the patch set adds I2C data for the chip,
>> incorporates all remaining changes that riscv-pk was making
>> automatically, and addresses a comment from Rob Herring
>> <>.
>> Boot-tested on v5.2-rc1 on a HiFive Unleashed A00 board, using the
>> BBL and open-source FSBL, with modifications to pass in the DTB
>> file generated by these patches.
> Tested this series on top of v5.2-rc3 on HiFive Unleashed board using
> OpenSBI + mainline u-boot (master branch as of today).
> Tested-by: Kevin Hilman <>
>> This patch series can be found, along with the PRCI patch set
>> and the DT macro prerequisite patch, at:
> nit: I only see this series in that branch, not any of the prerequisite
> patches you mentioned, which made me assume I could this series alone on
> top of v5.2-rc3, which worked just fine.

I tried only this series on top of v5.2-rc3. Kernel boots file with DT
updated via U-Boot. But networking didn't come up.

Do you have networking up after the boot? If yes, can you please share
the config.

> Kevin
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