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SubjectRE: [RFC PATCH 5/9] x86/sgx: Restrict mapping without an enclave page to PROT_NONE
> From: Christopherson, Sean J
> Sent: Friday, May 31, 2019 4:32 PM
> To support LSM integration, SGX will require userspace to explicitly specify the allowed
> protections for each page. The allowed protections will be supplied to and modified by
> LSMs (based on their policies).
> To prevent userspace from circumventing the allowed protections, do not allow
> PROT_{READ,WRITE,EXEC} mappings to an enclave without an associated enclave page (which
> will track the allowed protections).

This is unnecessary.

For mprotect(), LSM shall validate @prot against existing pages with applicable global flags (e.g. FILE__EXECMOD/PROCESS__EXECMEM in the case of SELinux).

For mmap(), SGX driver could invoke security_file_mprotect() explicitly to have LSM validate requested protection.

In the case where there's no page associated with an VMA, security_file_mprotect() shall still dictate whether to allow/deny the request. LSM internally is able to track existence/nonexistence of enclave pages. If there's no page, there's no conflict so the decision shall only depend on global flags (if any). Afterwards, #PF may trigger SGX driver to EAUG, in which case security_enclave_load() will be invoked and LSM could decide whether to approve/decline EAUG request.

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