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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 2/3] clocksource: imx-sysctr: Add of_clk skip option
On Sun, 23 Jun 2019, wrote:

Again the short summary could be more informative. Instead of 'Add foo' you
could say:

.....: Make timer work with platform driver model

That sums up the real meat of the patch. 'Add some option' is pretty

> On some i.MX8M platforms, clock driver uses platform driver
> model and it is NOT ready during timer initialization phase,
> the clock operations will fail and system counter driver will
> fail too. As all the i.MX8M platforms' system counter clock
> are from OSC which is always enabled, so it is no need to enable
> clock for system counter driver, the ONLY thing is to pass
> clock frequence to driver.
> This patch adds an option of skipping of_clk operation for
> system counter driver, an optional property "clock-frequency"
> is introduced to pass the frequency value to system counter
> driver and indicate driver to skip of_clk operations.

The comments to the changelog of patch 1 apply here as well :)

Hint: 'This patch'



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