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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] clocksource/drivers/sysctr: Add an optional property

On Fri, 21 Jun 2019, wrote:

> Subject : [PATCH 1/3] clocksource/drivers/sysctr: Add an optional property

That subject line is not really informative. From Documentation:

The ``summary phrase`` in the email's Subject should concisely
describe the patch which that email contains.

That means that it should tell which property it adds so it's immediately
clear what this is about. Something like:

Subject: clocksource/drivers/sysctr: Add optional clock-frequency property


> From: Anson Huang <>
> This patch adds an optional property "clock-frequency" to pass

Please read Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst and search for
'This patch'

> the system counter frequency value to kernel system counter
> driver and indicate the driver to skip of_clk operations, this
> is to support those platforms using platform driver model for
> clock driver.

That sentence does not parse. Please structure your changelog in the
following order:

1) Context or problem

2) Detailed analysis (if applicable and necessary)

3) Short description of the solution (the rest is obvious from the patch

So something like this (assumed I decoded the above correctly):

Systems which use the system counter with the platform driver model
require the clock frequency to be supplied via device tree.

This is necessary as in the platform driver model the of_clk operations
do not work correctly because LENGHTY EXPLANATION WHY ...

Add the optinal clock-frequency to the device tree bindings of the NXP
system counter so the frequency can be handed in and the of_clk
operations can be skipped.

The important part is the missing LENGTHY EXPLANATION WHY. I can't fill
that in because you did not provide that information.



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