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SubjectRe: Kernel touch Kconfig consult

On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 06:47:19AM -0400, luhua.xu wrote:
> Hi Dmitry,Rob,Marek, Nick,Richard,Martin,
> In our customer support experience, many smartphone have two or three
> touch vendor mixture , and customer use one load to support all touches.
> For easy to config touch driver we use kernel config like this down
> below,
> We change the config type from 'bool' to 'string'.
> string "Touch IC name for Mediatek package"
> help
> Set touch IC name if you have touch panel.
> To compile this dirver for used touch IC.
> And we config touch driver like this:
> I only use one config to support 3 touches, while we have to use 3
> config to support 3 touch drivers if we set the config as 'bool'.
> So can I use Kconfig like this?
> I do look forward to receiving your reply at your convenience .

I really do not see why having a sting is easier to have than 3 bools,
especially if they pertain to different touch controllers. You must also
have some custom processing of the config above as I am pretty sure our
standard build tools would not work for it.



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