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SubjectOasis Fair Streams O-S: The Philosophy Behind - To Those It May Concern
I think I´ve said most things about what I am doing to LKML now.

A correctly experienced will know much about his system and the design will not go much from original idea.
Which is what we see with Unix. I think this was the point of its original developers aswell, and a commentary on corporate mismanagement being "Plan 9 from Outer Space".

And Irix was an early desktop version, that influenced extremely popular computers like CBM, and one may want to go somewhere between, aiming for a replacement of the CBM LSD-god, that also was its demise, which we ofcourse still see in difficult persons like Richard Stallman, who claimed the Available Source of Unix, was his invention, and started his own project "GNU Is Not Unix", dancing lsd-god dances, and iterating one-line pseudo-religion. Psychosis ofcourse really is this, prolonged use of narcotics, such as Amanita, Opiates, or other hallucinatory drugs, and even worse claim it is a religious god! So not surprisingly "Psychosis". Also known as "The Difficult Wino Problem". Psychiatry cannot reform such persons though, and it is vanity to think so. Rather the punishments of Islam, seems more appropriate, where false gods is the capital crime.

And why the now little succesful Linux, compared to the original Unix derivative BSD as now used in MacOS for quite a while. Why not just take BSD further, and the original Unix source, instead of being with the "Linux zealots", with discussed behavioural problems - the KNU (Krazy GNU User). I am sure any experienced person here easily could apply his patching on BSD aswell, coming to more fruitition here, and Mac OS. And such solve any forthcoming debate, after the Stallmanic fog, when it lifts ofcourse his dances and "GNU Is Not Unix" nonsense and claims of having something to do with Available Source would seem problematic.

With his claims of "hackership", and being a "programmer", questionable since he claimed this for a very long time but never managed to make a kernel himself. The original hackers on Bell Labs, did ofcourse make the original Unix kernel also, and he is clearly not a "hacker" in this sense. And "his" compiler, have options like "wait for pop" on, even though "ricer" (unecessary optimization options) have been discussed with supposedly concluding that such things are not necessary. With the "GNU" brainwashed putting 10ms timers into sched.c, for measuring CPU use, when at 10ms point, most in the computer has already happened! And Linus suggests 1000hz timer, when I myself find 90hz timer to be optimal, more like modest BSD settings. Hacker really referring the hacking sound of a typewriter, rather than any maniac GNU LSD version. To not speak of the horrible pointer variables in LADSPA. Did Linux even come much beyond Soundblaster mindset of the early 90s? Here the BSD based Mac OS, has modern hardware and Logic Audio - a fully professional platform used by actual artists, rather than "noisebient artists" in Linux crowds.

And to be honest, on the windows side things are still the same, it has similar problems as it had since Windows 95, and never really got good did it. It even still does not have proper priorities of threads! And the multimedia crowd always found it to be obscure. Here ofcourse also vanity in claiming a different design than the original Unix, that already did design the groundwork for modern OS's. A good thing is ofcourse Microsoft in these days, opening up to more of Unix.

As indeed Mac did. Running in 4K, with Itunes and Mini formfactor. If everyone goes well with Mac, one might aswell just do the Mac thing, with Logic Audio and all. Maybe they would make OS-X Oasis? We are there if it slows down and becomes Windows like.

Indie composition goes all the way back to C64 as a midi sequencer. The acidhouse phenomena was big on computers, and pop-culture and CBM-culture seemed intertwined in the 90s, where a Trance musician might just be a researcher otherwise. That is a long time with music and thinking. I myself have concluded with -10dB RMS masters, 96K processing (80bit for feedback paths) and polyphase interpolation, and will promote that. And could even be in a horizontal tracker app, for those wanting that, and polyphase interpolation does not guess points like a regular interpolator, but rather upsamples, and filters the aliases, adding no guesswork to the dataset, and a more probably reconstruction than guessing interpolators and its interpolation error, and is like an original variable DAC, that did not guess either, but was popular in the 80s/90s probably for that reason, just with modern conveniences such as alias filtering.

There seems to be a lot of expertise out there. So why waste it on Linux? In CBM days, expertise seemed more typical also, and LKML debates claim to be this. Why not just take BSD further. With "cyberspace" indeed could need a graphical 4K/8K subpixel update itself in these days.

The thorian LSD-god, should indeed be replaced with interculture and reality, as is a perfect followup, rejecting its lack of finanical management, and rather extending the range of potential indeed, in a modern inforrmation technolopgy enligthenment, and a name of The Gôd, being As-Salam. (Peace).

Including the streamingeconomy of the internet combining it with automation, and combining it with law established Fair Labour principles, including fair pay, and further work philosophy of right resources in the right place. That could go all the way to custom designed hardware. And a dream come true for independent resources having the skill to realize such things. And I myself have suggested a CPU with more instructions, so more can be done pr. clock, and mini formfactor high ghz computers will probably be a home standard.

Indeed a suitable metaphor for this is ofcourse technology having gone centralized, that can now go de-centralized with networking, and estalish a more de-decentralized online economy. If you are more the city limits living type person, or even more, with such a system, one now can be that, and be part of a network economy sustaining this, and individual expertise and skill. Giving a positive synergy to the network overall.

It all comes down to natural principles, and a whole religion of this is Islam, where I also use the zén concept of The Gôd, that works well in our culture.

A perfected and peaceful intercultural conclusion indeed, free of false gods.

Oasis Fair Streams O-S.

Ywe Cærlyn.

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