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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2] regulator: da9061/62: Adjust LDO voltage selection minimum value
Hi Steve,

> I have taken your previous patch, fixed the whitespace like we discussed
> and updated the commit message to add more details. Also, I have
> simplified your original patch slightly by using a single define in the
> include file instead of repeating the same value for each LDO[1-4].

Thanks for taking care of the whitespaces and the commit message.

> I've finished my testing for DA9061 and DA9062 and so I've Acked your
> patch and added a Tested-by tag. If you are happy with those changes to
> your patch, I guess you can let the Maintainers take a look.

Yes, I am. I couldn't spot anything problematic in your changes so far.




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