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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/17] net: introduce Qualcomm IPA driver
>> There is a n:1 relationship between rmnet and IPA.
>> rmnet does the de-muxing to multiple netdevs based on the mux id
>> in the MAP header for RX packets and vice versa.
> Oh, so you mean that even though IPA supports multiple channels
> and multiple netdev instances for a physical device, all the
> rmnet devices end up being thrown into a single channel in IPA?
> What are the other channels for in IPA? I understand that there
> is one channel for commands that is separate, while the others
> are for network devices, but that seems to make no sense if
> we only use a single channel for rmnet data.

AFAIK, the other channels are for use cases like tethering.
There is only a single channel which is used for RX
data which is then de-muxed using rmnet.

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