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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4 1/2] PCI: dwc: Add API support to de-initialize host
Hi Lorenzo,

On 18/06/19 7:58 PM, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 04:21:17PM +0530, Vidya Sagar wrote:
> [...]
>>> 2) It is not related to this patch but I fail to see the reasoning
>>> behind the __ in __dw_pci_read_dbi(), there is no no-underscore
>>> equivalent so its definition is somewhat questionable, maybe
>>> we should clean-it up (for dbi2 alike).
>> Separate no-underscore versions are present in pcie-designware.h for
>> each width (i.e. l/w/b) as inline and are calling __ versions passing
>> size as argument.
> I understand - the __ prologue was added in b50b2db266d8 maybe
> Kishon can help us understand the __ rationale.
> I am happy to merge it as is, I was just curious about the
> __ annotation (not related to this patch).

In commit b50b2db266d8a8c303e8d88590 ("PCI: dwc: all: Modify dbi accessors to
take dbi_base as argument"), dbi accessors was modified to take dbi_base as
argument (since we wanted to write to dbics2 address space). We didn't want to
change all the drivers invoking dbi accessors to pass the dbi_base. So we added
"__" variant to take dbi_base as argument and the drivers continued to invoke
existing dbi accessors which in-turn invoked "__" version with dbi_base as

I agree there could be some cleanup since in commit
a509d7d9af5ebf86ffbefa98e49761d ("PCI: dwc: all: Modify dbi accessors to access
data of 4/2/1 bytes"), we modified __dw_pcie_readl_dbi() to
__dw_pcie_write_dbi() when it could have been directly modified to


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