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SubjectRE: [PATCH v2 1/3] ACPI: Resolve objects on host-directed table loads
It looks to me that the package objects are being initialized properly already, unless I'm missing something. Please check the examples below and in the attached files.

Attached is a small test case that dynamically loads an SSDT which contains a package object which in turn contains references to other objects.

Main DSDT:
Method (LD1)
Load (BUF1, HNDL) // SSDT is in BUF1
Store (HNDL, Debug)

Loaded table:
External (DEV1, DeviceObj)
Name (PKG1, Package() {
1,2, DEV2, DEV1, 4})
Device (DEV2) {}

AcpiExec Output:
- ev ld1
Evaluating \LD1
ACPI: Dynamic OEM Table Load:
ACPI: SSDT 0x00000000006DEEB8 000051 (v02 Intel Load 00000001 INTL 20190509)
ACPI Exec: Table Event INSTALL, [SSDT] 006DEEB8
Table [SSDT: Load ] (id 06) - 5 Objects with 1 Devices, 0 Regions, 1 Methods
ACPI Exec: Table Event LOAD, [SSDT] 006DEEB8
ACPI Debug: Reference [DdbHandle] Table Index 0x3
0x7 Outstanding allocations after evaluation of \LD1
Evaluation of \LD1 returned object 006D2FE8, external buffer length 18
[Integer] = 0000000000000000

- ev pkg1
Evaluating \PKG1
Evaluation of \PKG1 returned object 006D2FE8, external buffer length 90
[Package] Contains 5 Elements:
[Integer] = 0000000000000001
[Integer] = 0000000000000002
[Object Reference] = 006DDF88 <Node> Name DEV2 Device
[Object Reference] = 006DD608 <Node> Name DEV1 Device
[Integer] = 0000000000000004

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