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SubjectRe: iMX6 5.2-rc3 boot failure due to "PCI: imx6: Allow asynchronous probing"
On 2019-06-11 2:40 p.m., Fabio Estevam wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 4:02 PM Robert Hancock <> wrote:
>>> [ 13.193578] imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: host bridge /soc/pcie@1ffc000
>>> ranges:
>>> [ 13.200635] imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: IO 0x01f80000..0x01f8ffff ->
>>> 0x00000000
>>> [ 13.201454] imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: loaded firmware 3.3
> Does this problem happen if you don't load an external SDMA firmware?

Based on some tests, it appears that may help - however it is hard to be
conclusive since the behavior is somewhat random, it doesn't fail every
time. The first few times I booted this version, I didn't see the
problem, but after that it was consistently happening every time until I
reverted the patch.

Is there potentially a dependency where the PCIe controller doesn't like
some other activity that's occurring on the iMX during its
initialization sequence?

Robert Hancock
Senior Software Developer
SED Systems, a division of Calian Ltd.

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