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SubjectRe: 答复: 答复: 答复: [PATCH] input: alps-fix the issue alps cs19 trackstick do not work.
On 2019/6/11 上午11:05, Xiaoxiao Liu wrote:
> Hi Pali,
> I discussed with our FW team about this problem.
> We think the V8 method means a touchpad feature and does not fit the CS19 trackpoint device.
> CS19 TrackPoint needn't use any Absolute (Raw) mode and is usually use standard mouse data.
> CS19 TrackPoint device is a completely different device with DualPoint device of Dell/HP.
> CS19 TrackPoint device is independent of Touchpad. (Touchpad is connecting by I2C, TrackPoint is directly connecting with PS2 port.)
> And it has completely another FW.
> So we think it is better to use the mouse mode for CS19 trackpoint.

Maybe here is some mis-understanding,  the mouse mode here doesn't mean
we use psmouse-base.c for cs19 (bare ps/2 mouse), we plan to use
trackpoint.c to drive this HW, so this trackpoint has all features a
trackpoint should have.



> Best Regards
> Shona
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> 发件人: Pali Rohár <>
> 发送时间: Monday, June 10, 2019 6:43 PM
> 收件人: 劉 曉曉 Xiaoxiao Liu <>
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> 主题: Re: 答复: 答复: [PATCH] input: alps-fix the issue alps cs19 trackstick do not work.
> On Monday 10 June 2019 10:03:51 Xiaoxiao Liu wrote:
>> Hi Pali,
> Hi!
>> We register our CS19 device as ALPS_ONLY_TRACKSTICK device.
>> And let the V8 protocol function support the process of ALPS_ONLY_TRACKSTICK device.
>> I want to confirm if this solution OK?
> Yes, it is fine. Just make sure that touchapad input device is not registered when this ALPS_ONLY_TRACKSTICK flag is set. So userspace would not see any fake/unavailable touchpad input device.
>> Xiaoxiao.Liu
> --
> Pali Rohár

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