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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/8] soundwire: intel: filter SoundWire controller device search

>>>> + /*
>>>> + * On some Intel platforms, multiple children of the HDAS
>>>> + * device can be found, but only one of them is the SoundWire
>>>> + * controller. The SNDW device is always exposed with
>>>> + * Name(_ADR, 0x40000000) so filter accordingly
>>>> + */
>>>> + if (adr != 0x40000000)
>>> I do not recall if 4 corresponds to the links you have or soundwire
>>> device type, is this number documented somewhere is HDA specs?
>> I thought it was a magic number, but I did check and for once it's
>> documented and the values match the spec :-)
>> I see in the ACPI docs bits 31..28 set to 4 indicate a SoundWire Link Type
>> and bits 3..0 indicate the SoundWire controller instance, the rest is
>> reserved to zero.
> So in that case we should mask with bits 31..28 and match, who knows you
> may have multiple controller instances in future

yes, I was planning on only using the link type.

> I had a vague recollection that this was documented in the spec, glad
> that in turned out to be the case.
> Btw was the update to HDA spec made public?

Not that I know of. The previous NHLT public doc has actually
disappeared from the Intel site and I can't find it any longer, so
currently the amount of public documentation is trending to zero :-(

>>> Also it might good to create a define for this
>> I will respin this one to add the documentation above, and only filter on
>> the 4 ms-bits. Thanks for forcing me to RTFM :-)

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