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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/11] dts: Update DT bindings for CoreSight replicator and funnel

On 08/05/2019 03:18, Leo Yan wrote:
> Since the DT bindings consolidatoins for CoreSight replicator and funnel
> is ready for kernel v5.2 merge window [1], this patch set is to update
> the related CoreSight DT bindings for platforms; IIUC, this patch set
> will be safe for merging into kernel v5.2 because the dependency
> patches in [1] will be landed into mainline kernel v5.2 cycle.
> In this patch set, it tries to update below two compatible strings to
> the latest strings:
> s/"arm,coresight-replicator"/"arm,coresight-static-replicator"
> s/"arm,coresight-funnel"/"arm,coresight-dynamic-funnel"
> Please note, some platforms have two continuous patches, one is for
> updating static replicator compatible string and another is for dynamic
> funnel change; and other platforms have only one patch since it only
> needs to change for dynamic funnel.

This is now misleading ;-), but that doesn't matter.

For the entire series :

Acked-by: Suzuki K Poulose <>

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