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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] open: add close_range()
* Christian Brauner:

>> Solaris has an fdwalk function:
>> <>
>> So a different way to implement this would expose a nextfd system call
> Meh. If nextfd() then I would like it to be able to:
> - get the nextfd(fd) >= fd
> - get highest open fd e.g. nextfd(-1)

The highest open descriptor isn't istering for fdwalk because nextfd
would just fail.

> But then I wonder if nextfd() needs to be a syscall and isn't just
> either:
> fcntl(fd, F_GET_NEXT)?
> or
> prctl(PR_GET_NEXT)?

I think the fcntl route is a bit iffy because you might need it to get
the *first* valid descriptor.

>> to userspace, so that we can use that to implement both fdwalk and
>> closefrom. But maybe fdwalk is just too obscure, given the existence of
>> /proc.
> Yeah we probably don't need fdwalk.

Agreed. Just wanted to bring it up for completeness. I certainly don't
want to derail the implementation of close_range.


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