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SubjectRe: [PATCH] dmaengine: jz4780: Fix transfers being ACKed too soon
On 04-05-19, 23:37, Paul Cercueil wrote:
> When a multi-descriptor DMA transfer is in progress, the "IRQ pending"
> flag will apparently be set for that channel as soon as the last
> descriptor loads, way before the IRQ actually happens. This behaviour
> has been observed on the JZ4725B, but maybe other SoCs are affected.
> In the case where another DMA transfer is running into completion on a
> separate channel, the IRQ handler would then run the completion handler
> for our previous channel even if the transfer didn't actually finish.
> Fix this by checking in the completion handler that we're indeed done;
> if not the interrupted DMA transfer will simply be resumed.

Applied, thanks


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