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SubjectRe: [RFC net-next v2 00/14] net: stmmac: Selftests
From: Jose Abreu <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 17:45:22 +0200

> [ Submitting with net-next closed for proper review and testing. ]
> This introduces selftests support in stmmac driver. We add 9 basic sanity
> checks and MAC loopback support for all cores within the driver. This way
> more tests can easily be added in the future and can be run in virtually
> any MAC/GMAC/QoS/XGMAC platform.
> Having this we can find regressions and missing features in the driver
> while at the same time we can check if the IP is correctly working.
> We have been using this for some time now and I do have more tests to
> submit in the feature. My experience is that although writing the tests
> adds more development time, the gain results are obvious.
> I let this feature optional within the driver under a Kconfig option.

Generally, this series looks fine to me.

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