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Subject[BUG] rtlwifi: Resource leaks in error handling code of rtl_pci_probe()
In rtl_pci_probe(), rtl_pci_init() allocates some resources, such as:
pci_zalloc_consistent() -- resource
dev_alloc_skb() -- resource

pci_zalloc_consistent() -- resource

When ieee80211_register_hw() or rtl_pci_intr_mode_decide() fails, these
resources are not released in error handling code.

A possible fix is to call rtl_pci_deinit() in error handling code, but I
am not sure whether this is correct.
Thus, I only report the bugs.

These bugs are found by a runtime fuzzing tool named FIZZER written by us.

Best wishes,
Jia-Ju Bai

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