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SubjectRe: 5.1.0-rc4: Oops in __rpc_execute() when trying to boot from NFS
On 8/4/2019 8:51 PM, Trond Myklebust wrote:
> On Mon, 2019-04-08 at 19:01 +0200, Daniel Mack wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm seeing the Oops below when trying to boot 5.1.0-rc4 on an ARM
>> PXA3xx
>> platform. v5.0 did not show this effect with the same cmdline.

> Please do bisect if that is at all practical. I'm having trouble
> interpreting this Oops.

Here you go:

009a82f6437490c262584d65a14094a818bcb747 is the first bad commit
commit 009a82f6437490c262584d65a14094a818bcb747
Author: Trond Myklebust <>
Date: Sat Mar 9 12:07:17 2019 -0500

SUNRPC: Micro-optimise when the task is known not to be sleeping

In cases where we know the task is not sleeping, try to optimise
away the indirect call to task->tk_action() by replacing it with
a direct call.
Only change tail calls, to allow gcc to perform tail call

Signed-off-by: Trond Myklebust <>

:040000 040000 9803b15cf8f094c6c9cf92cef34232b8173aa915
a13d38cf4e3fd4724c9b83ec837714407eda4fb6 M include
:040000 040000 89666ad30932dc247554c9aff79d6b4f210be573
6d41d1d3e47ddcf2b9bd87a2ea43743ab18844be M net

Any idea?


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