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SubjectRe: Thoughts on simple scanner approach for free page hinting
>>> - Define and use counters corresponding to each zone to monitor the
>>> amount of memory freed.
>>> - As soon as the 64MB free memory threshold is hit wake up the kernel
>>> thread which will scan this xbitmap and try to isolate the pages and
>>> clear the corresponding bits. (We still have to acquire zone lock to
>>> protect the respective xbitmap)
>> So that's 32 pages then? I'd say just keep them in an array,
>> list, tree or hash, bitmap is for when you have nots of pages.
> The xbitmap I think is for the free page tracking. The problem is this
> could build up to tons of pages while we are waiting on hints to
> complete if we have a thread that is dumping a large amount of free
> pages.
>>> - Report the isolated pages back to the host in a synchronous manner.
>>> I still have to work on several details of this idea including xbitmap,
>>> but first would like to hear any suggestions/thoughts.
> I'm still not a fan of trying to keep track of the free page metadata
> in real-time. It is going to be far more expensive to have every free
> and alloc have to update the extra piece of data than to just come
> through after the fact and scan the new pages that have been added.

Tracking metadata separately is a very good starting point. While
integration into core mm in some form e.g. like you describe would be
desirable long term, not messing too much with core-mm is the lower
hanging fruit.



David / dhildenb

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