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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/6] lib/string: Add strscpy_pad() function
On 4/4/19 7:58 PM, Tobin C. Harding wrote:
> Hi Shua,
> Here is the set with cleanup as suggested by Kees on v3.
> Configured, built, and tested all modules loaded by
> tools/testing/selftests/lib/*.sh
>>From previous cover letters ...
> While doing the testing for strscpy_pad() it was noticed that there is
> duplication in how test modules are being fed to kselftest and also in
> the test modules themselves.
> This set makes an attempt at adding a framework to kselftest for writing
> kernel test modules. It also adds a script for use in creating script
> test runners for kselftest. My macro-foo is not great, all criticism
> and suggestions very much appreciated. The design is based on test
> modules lib/test_printf.c, lib/test_bitmap.c, lib/test_xarray.c.
> Changes since last version:
> - Remove dependency on Bash (thanks Kees)
> - Use oneliner to implement kselftest test runners (thanks Kees)
> - Squash patch that adds kselftest script creator script with patch
> that uses it.
> - Fix typos (thanks Randy)
> - Add Kees' Acked-by tags to all patches
> thanks,
> Tobin.

Hi Tobin,

Thanks for this restructuring work and adding the framework. Thanks Kees
for the reviews.

The patch is series in now in linux-kselftest next for 5.2

-- Shuah

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