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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/9] cpufreq: qcom: Re-organise kryo cpufreq to use it for other nvmem based qcom socs
On 04-04-19, 07:09, Niklas Cassel wrote:
> From: Sricharan R <>
> The kryo cpufreq driver reads the nvmem cell and uses that data to
> populate the opps. There are other qcom cpufreq socs like krait which
> does similar thing. Except for the interpretation of the read data,
> rest of the driver is same for both the cases. So pull the common things
> out for reuse.

This is really sad for me. The driver was added in May last year and I am quite
sure it would have been known at that time itself that there are more hardware
platforms which will end up using this driver because of the similarity in
hardware. Not that you (personally) could have done anything about it as you
weren't there then, but it should have been taken care of by the then

Anyway, its okay now, can't do anything but rename things.


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