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SubjectRe: Removing pcap? (EZX support in mainline linux)
On Sun, 7 Apr 2019 16:07:41 +0200
Alexandre Belloni <> wrote:

> Hello Antonio, Harald,

Hi everyone,

adding Robert to CC as he is listed as the current maintainer of

> I've had a look at the PCAP RTC driver because I'm removing a few
> deprecated APIs. While doing so, I've discovered that the driver has
> never worked properly because PCAP_RTC_TOD_MASK and PCAP_RTC_DAY_MASK
> are both missing a bit so every day would roll over at 18:12:15 and the
> whole the date would roll over in 2014.
> I discussed with Arnd about 59ee93a528b9 ("ARM: pxa: remove irq_to_gpio
> from ezx-pcap driver") and it seems the whole EZX support has been
> broken for a while.

As Harald said in another message I tried taking over OpenEZX for a
while, but eventually lost interest.

JFTR some parts of the project has been backed up here:

I should also have a git backup of the wiki somewhere.

> Is it worth fixing the RTC driver or could I remove it?

I am not aware of any active user but I'd leave the final word to
Robert, IIRC he received some EZX hardware "recently".

FWIW I think EZX code can be removed if it is a maintenance burden for

Thank you,

Antonio Ospite

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