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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 3/3] platform/chrome: Standardize Chrome OS keyboard backlight name

> The patch set introduces also a set of predefined LED_FUNCTION
> names to be used in DT bindings. This along with the removal
> of devicename section from LED naming pattern will help to keep
> LED sysfs interface more uniform and not varying depending on
> underlaying hardware driving the LEDs.
> Regarding the problem discussed in this thread - I would not necessarily
> go for "platform" in place of devicename LED name section in the
> cros_kbd_led_backlight driver. If we change it (should we at all - it is
> already in 5.0 AFAICS?), then I would opt for dropping the "chromeos:"
> part. It believe it will be possible to retrieve this name with
> script. It would be good exercise to check
> it out.

I am not sure about existing driver. Important thing for me is that
new drivers use consistent naming.

> In cases like above:
> keyboardist::kbd_backlight
> tclnumpad::kbd_backlight
> we could do with the following:
> :kbd-backlight
> :numpad-backlight
> I used hyphens instead of underscores since we will have this convention
> in the LED_FUNCTION names, which is more common for Device Tree, and
> some of existing LED triggers.

Existing userspace already searches for *:kbd_backlight", AFAICT, so
we probably want to keep the "_".

I don't care much if we use "platform:" or no prefix at all for
backlight of internal keyboard, as long as it is consistent across all

We certainly want to use some prefix (probably inputX:) for backlight
on USB keyboards.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)
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