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SubjectRe: [PATCH net] net: vrf: Fix ping failed when vrf mtu is set to 0

On 2019/4/7 9:12, David Miller wrote:
> From: linmiaohe <>
> Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 20:01:13 +0800
>> From: Miaohe Lin <>
>> When the mtu of a vrf device is set to 0, it would cause ping
>> failed.So I think we should limit dev->min_mtu to ETH_MIN_MTU
>> to solve this problem. And if dev->max_mtu still be 0 can be
>> confusing, so I limit dev->max_mtu to ETH_MAX_MTU.
>> Here is the reproduce step:
> Just in case it isn't clear, David Ahern gave you feedback and
> asked you to adjust things so that the problem is solved for ipv6
> as well. He also gave you an appropriate Fixes: tag to add to
> your commit message.
> .

I'am sorry, I'am on my holiday, so I found these emalis just now.
I will adjust things in v2 so that this patch will solve for ipv6 as well.
And add an appropriate fixes to my commit message.
Thank you very much.

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