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Subjectfs/adfs - keep or kill it?

Recently, a couple of issues have been identified in fs/adfs:

1. Filename truncation may not work as it should, and Linus has
apparently expressed a desire to kill this off.

2. Scanning the ADFS map for disc object fragments may mistakenly
find free space fragments in addition to real disc object fragments,
leading to chunks of free space appearing in files or directories.

No one has reported any issues with the filesystem module, so the
question has to be asked whether there are any users of this code?

I'm aware that there were some users about ten or more years ago. I've
only touched it when problems have been reported to me that needed me
to investigate something, otherwise I haven't used it myself - so the
code largely just sits there, mostly untouched except for the odd
cross-filesystem patch.

The last "feature" patch was in 2011 by Stuart Swales (copied) adding
the filetype suffix to filenames.

That leads on to the question about whether this should be fixed in
mainline or whether we should put the code out of its misery and remove
it from the kernel.

Fixing both issues is fairly trivial, and I already have some fixes
available, along with some improvements to the rest of the code.
However, I see little point in pushing that upstream if the code is
not being used.

Searching the web, there does seem to be some interest on some forums,
but that dates from about three years ago, but it also seems that more
functional solutions (using fuse, with different format support) are

Posting to Linux lists probably isn't the best way to find out whether
there are users of this, so if there are people involved in the Acorn
communities, please pass this on to more appropriate forums, thanks.
Please ensure that replies reach me as I don't monitor random web
forums for example (a reply on a web forum that I don't see is not

If I hear nothing positive towards keeping it, then I'll schedule
fs/adfs for deletion, probably for 5.3.


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