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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drm/cirrus: rewrite and modernize driver.

> > tinydrm_xrgb8888_to_*
> >
> > imo these could be put into some drm_format_helpers.c to be shared.
> I agree, my long term goal is to get rid of tinydrm.ko. Just haven't got
> there yet.
> Gerd, if you end up using some of those functions, feel free to move
> just those you need and I can do the rest later. But if you have time to
> spare I wouldn't mind getting all of them moved ;-)

For now I just promoted cirrus to be a tinydrm driver ;)

Noticed that those helpers (including tinydrm_memcpy for the
non-converting case) apply clipping on the source but not on
the destination. So, for fullscreen updates that works ok,
but for updating sub-rectangles it doesn't ...

So I guess I have to add a dest_clip bool parameter when moving them.
/me looks for a good place. drm_fb_helpers.c I think.


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