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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drm/cirrus: rewrite and modernize driver.

> > Speaking of wayland: Seems at least gnome-shell insists on using XR24.
> Yeah XR24 is pretty much mandatory. Noralf added a few helpers to
> convert XR24 to other formats, for display not supporting anything
> else. Because userspace.

Ah, right, that is an option too. Given we blit any display updates
anyway we could easily convert XR24 to RG24 while doing so. Guess that
is better ...

> > Well, I can reintroduce the module option. I don't see any other
> > reasonable way to support 32bpp. If the driver reports XR24 as
> > supported and also adds the higher resolutions (which work with RG16
> > only) to the mode list userspace will of course try the higher
> > resolutions with XR24 and struggle ...
> Maybe atomic userspace is better (it should be, it can do TEST_ONLY),
> but I'm not so sure that exposing all modes for atomic clients would
> work. Also, currently not possible with our probe helpers (we don't
> refilter the list per client).

.. than this mess.


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