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SubjectRe: [PATCH] axxia-i2c: use auto cmd for last message
Hello Wolfram,

On 03/04/2019 22:54, Wolfram Sang wrote:
>> Some recent commits to this driver were trying to make sure the TSS
>> interrupt is not generated on busy system due to 25ms timer expiring
>> between commands. It can still happen, however if STOP command is not
>> issued on time at the end of the transmission. If wait_for_completion in
>> axxia_i2c_xfer_msg() would not return after 25ms of getting an
>> interrupt, TSS will be generated and idev->err_msg will be set to
>> -ETIMEDOUT which will be returned from the axxia_i2c_xfer_msg(), even
>> though the transfer did actually succeed (STOP is automatically issued
>> when TSS triggers).
>> Fortunately, apart from already used manual and sequence commands, the
>> controller also has so called auto command. It works just like manual
>> mode but it but an automatic STOP is issued when either transfer length
>> is met or NAK is received from slave device.
>> This patch changes the axxia_i2c_xfer_msg() function so that auto
>> command is used for last message in transaction letting hardware manage
>> issuing STOP. TSS is disabled just after command transferring last
>> message finishes. Auto command, just like sequence, ends with SS
>> interrupt instead of SNS so handling of both had to be unified.
>> The axxia_i2c_stop() is no longer needed as the transfer can only end
>> with following conditions:
>> - fully successful - then last message was send by AUTO command and STOP
>> was issued automatically
>> - NAK received - STOP is issued automatically by controller
>> - arbitration lost - STOP should not be issued as we don't control the
>> bus
>> - IP interrupt received - this is sent when transfer length is set to 0
>> for auto/sequence command. The check for that is done before START is
>> send so no STOP is required
>> - TSS received between commands - STOP is issued by the controller
> I am not sure. Is this a bugfix (= for-current) or more a new feature (=
> for-next)?
>> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Adamski <>
>> Reviewed-by: Alexander Sverdlin <>
> I trust you that Alexander gave the review, but it would be a tad more
> 'open development' if he could give it as a reply to your patch on the
> mailing list.

sure, here it is:
Reviewed-by: Alexander Sverdlin <>

Best regards,
Alexander Sverdlin.
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