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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clocksource/drivers/timer-ti-dm: Remove omap_dm_timer_set_load_start

On 04/04/19 7:47 PM, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Ladislav Michl <> [190327 08:12]:
>> Hello Nathan,
>> On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 10:01:27PM -0700, Nathan Chancellor wrote:
>>> Commit 008258d995a6 ("clocksource/drivers/timer-ti-dm: Make
>>> omap_dm_timer_set_load_start() static") made omap_dm_time_set_load_start
>>> static because its prototype was not defined in a header. Unfortunately,
>>> this causes a build warning on multi_v7_defconfig because this function
>>> is not used anywhere in this translation unit:
>>> drivers/clocksource/timer-ti-dm.c:589:12: error: unused function
>>> 'omap_dm_timer_set_load_start' [-Werror,-Wunused-function]
>>> In fact, omap_dm_timer_set_load_start hasn't been used anywhere since
>>> commit f190be7f39a5 ("staging: tidspbridge: remove driver") and the
>>> prototype was removed in commit 592ea6bd1fad ("clocksource: timer-ti-dm:
>>> Make unexported functions static"), which is probably where this should
>>> have happened.
>> Alternatively you might want to look at "clocksource: timer-ti-dm: Add event
>> capture": (it makes use of
>> function being removed here). It is a part of an attempt to add event capture
>> for OMAP. Of course I would like this functionality to be implemented, but
>> as I do not have a time to continue, I cannot really object removing this
>> function.
>> Just in case you'd be interested in finishing this task ;-)
> Well seems like no other takers :) We can always find the missing
> function in git history when needed, so I suggest we apply this.
> Adding Keerthy to Cc as he just posted a similar patch.

I posted the duplicate. Thanks for looping in.

> Regards,
> Tony

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