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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] klp-convert

> BTW, something I *just* noticed when putting together that toy out-of-tree
> module to test out multi-object livepatch modules is that we aren't
> considering out-of-tree symbols in Symbols.list.
> Perhaps we can save that for v4 or beyond, but maybe we want to re-arrange the
> klp-convert arguments to "klp-convert <input.ko> <out.ko> <Symbols.list>
> [Symbols.list ...]" where we treat everything after <out.ko> as a symbol list
> file? (This would assume we would generate a separate out-of-tree module
> Symbols.list file.) /thinking-out-loud

I understand it could help the testing quite a bit right now, but do we
care about out-of-tree modules in general?


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