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SubjectLicense revocation from GitHub and GitHub Staff (regarding GPC-Slots 2) Re: DMCA takedown notice
I have, at this moment, chosen to terminate any permissions GitHub and
the GitHub Staff have enjoyed regarding my protected work (GPC-Slots 2).

Any allowances GitHub (GH) and the GitHub Staff (staff) had regarding
GPC-Slots 2
(the work) is hereby revocated, rescinded, and made null.

The allowances memorialized in the writing known as the "GPL" are
rescinded from GitHub and the GitHub staff.

I am not in privity of contract regarding the licensing and
distribution of GPC-Slots 2 with GitHub nor any of the GitHub staff,
nor have I ever been.

I have not been paid any good, value, or consideration for the
dispensation of the permissions.

The permissions are freely revocable by me, the Copyright Holder, in
furtherance of my pursuit of my various exclusive rights regarding the
work, none of which I have transferred or contracted away for value.

Should Git Hub or any member of the Git Hub Staff choose to defy my
wishes, regarding the work, I will seek remedy at my pleasure: both
against the corporate person and in their individual capacities.


Note: I have posted this notice at the original place of download, of
the work, lest there be any contrived confusion regarding veracity of
person or pleasure.

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