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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] dt: lm3532: Add lm3532 dt doc and update ti_lmu doc
* Dan Murphy <> [190321 14:29]:
> Add the lm3532 device tree documentation.
> Remove lm3532 device tree reference from the ti_lmu devicetree
> documentation.
> With the addition of the dedicated lm3532 documentation the device
> can be removed from the ti_lmu.txt.
> The reason for this is that the lm3532 dt documentation now defines
> the ability to control LED output strings against different control
> banks or groups multiple strings to be controlled by a single control
> bank.
> Another addition was for ALS lighting control and configuration. The
> LM3532 has a feature that can take in the ALS reading from 2 separate
> ALS devices and adjust the brightness on the strings that are configured
> to support this feature.
> Finally the device specific properties were moved to the parent node as these
> properties are not control bank configurable. These include the runtime ramp
> and the ALS configuration.

Acked-by: Tony Lindgren <>

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