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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/8] PM / devfreq: tegra: Fix kHz to Hz conversion
12.04.2019 4:34, Sasha Levin пишет:
> Hi,
> [This is an automated email]
> This commit has been processed because it contains a -stable tag.
> The stable tag indicates that it's relevant for the following trees: all
> The bot has tested the following trees: v5.0.7, v4.19.34, v4.14.111, v4.9.168, v4.4.178, v3.18.138.
> v5.0.7: Build OK!
> v4.19.34: Build OK!
> v4.14.111: Build OK!
> v4.9.168: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
> 0f0fe7e01327 ("PM / OPP: Manage supply's voltage/current in a separate structure")
> 37a73ec0c9bb ("PM / OPP: Add per OPP table mutex")
> 63a69ea4b88f ("PM / OPP: Rename _allocate_opp() to _opp_allocate()")
> 7034764a1e4a ("PM / OPP: Add 'struct kref' to struct dev_pm_opp")
> 8a31d9d94297 ("PM / OPP: Update OPP users to put reference")
> 947355850fcb ("PM / OPP: Separate out _generic_set_opp()")
> 969fceb3c7e6 ("PM / OPP: Add light weight _opp_free() routine")
> ce31781a7574 ("PM / OPP: Pass struct dev_pm_opp_supply to _set_opp_voltage()")
> dfbe4678d709 ("PM / OPP: Add infrastructure to manage multiple regulators")
> v4.4.178: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
> 01fb4d3c39d3 ("PM / OPP: Parse 'opp-<prop>-<name>' bindings")
> 0c717d0f9cb4 ("PM / OPP: Initialize regulator pointer to an error value")
> 2c2709dc6921 ("PM / OPP: Rename structures for clarity")
> 50f8cfbd5897 ("PM / OPP: Parse clock-latency and voltage-tolerance for v1 bindings")
> 655c9df96175 ("PM / OPP: Introduce dev_pm_opp_get_max_volt_latency()")
> 7de36b0aa51a ("PM / OPP: Parse 'opp-supported-hw' binding")
> 8a31d9d94297 ("PM / OPP: Update OPP users to put reference")
> 9f8ea969d5cf ("PM / OPP: get/put regulators from OPP core")
> d54974c2513f ("PM / OPP: Manage device clk")
> dc4e7b1fa20a ("PM / OPP: Add missing doc comments")
> deaa51465105 ("PM / OPP: Add debugfs support")
> v3.18.138: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
> 07cce74a7b25 ("PM / OPP: handle allocation of device_opp in a separate routine")
> 0fe30da2cb43 ("PM / OPP: fix warning in of_free_opp_table()")
> 11573e9132ae ("PM / devfreq: tegra: Update to v5 of the submitted patches")
> 129eec55df6a ("PM / OPP Introduce APIs to remove OPPs")
> 29df0ee1b14a ("PM / OPP: reuse find_device_opp() instead of duplicating code")
> 2c2709dc6921 ("PM / OPP: Rename structures for clarity")
> 327854c87117 ("PM / OPP: Ensure consistent naming of static functions")
> 38393409da34 ("PM / OPP mark OPPs as 'static' or 'dynamic'")
> 6234f38016ad ("PM / devfreq: tegra: add devfreq driver for Tegra Activity Monitor")
> 737002b5de3d ("PM / OPP: Relocate few routines")
> 86453b473b1f ("PM / OPP: Staticize __dev_pm_opp_remove()")
> 87b4115db023 ("PM / OPP: Protect updates to list_dev with mutex")
> 8a31d9d94297 ("PM / OPP: Update OPP users to put reference")
> 8d4d4e98acd6 ("PM / OPP: Add helpers for initializing CPU OPPs")
> 984f16c8490c ("PM / OPP: Update kernel documentation")
> a7470db6fec4 ("PM / OPP don't match for existing OPPs when list is empty")
> b02ded246d01 ("PM / OPP: add some lockdep annotations")
> b4037aaa584b ("PM / OPP replace kfree_rcu() with call_srcu() in opp_set_availability()")
> cd1a068a52ee ("PM / OPP rename 'head' as 'rcu_head' or 'srcu_head' based on its type")
> f59d3ee8480d ("PM / OPP: Move cpu specific code to opp/cpu.c")
> How should we proceed with this patch?

Don't backport to v4.9 and older, it's not a critical fix at all.

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