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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/2] opportunistic memory reclaim of a killed process
On Thu 11-04-19 09:47:31, Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
> > I would question whether we really need this at all? Relying on the exit
> > speed sounds like a fundamental design problem of anything that relies
> > on it.
> Relying on it is wrong, I agree. There are protections like allocation
> throttling that we can fall back to stop memory depletion. However
> having a way to free up resources that are not needed by a dying
> process quickly would help to avoid throttling which hurts user
> experience.

I am not opposing speeding up the exit time in general. That is a good
thing. Especially for a very large processes (e.g. a DB). But I do not
really think we want to expose an API to control this specific aspect.
Michal Hocko

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