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Subject[PATCH 0/9] hisi_sas: Some misc patches

The patchset introduces improvements, more minor fixes, and new features
for the driver, including:
- Host reset interface
- Switch all HW error handling to MSI
- Give SATA disk unique (fake) SAS address for v3 hw
- Some error handling fixes
- Some tidy-up

It is based on Martin's 5.2/scsi-queue branch plus patch 0e83fc61eee6
("scsi: hisi_sas: Add softreset in hisi_sas_I_T_nexus_reset()").

John Garry (1):
scsi: hisi_sas: Fix for setting the PHY linkrate when disconnected

Luo Jiaxing (2):
scsi: hisi_sas: Don't hard reset disk during controller reset
scsi: hisi_sas: Don't fail IT nexus reset for Open Reject timeout

Xiang Chen (5):
scsi: hisi_sas: add host reset interface for test
scsi: hisi_sas: Remedy inconsistent PHY down state in software
scsi: hisi_sas: Adjust the printk format of functions
scsi: hisi_sas: allocate different SAS address for directly attached
scsi: hisi_sas: Some misc tidy-up

Xiaofei Tan (1):
scsi: hisi_sas: Support all RAS events with MSI interrupts

drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas.h | 3 +
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_main.c | 104 ++++--
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v1_hw.c | 21 +-
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v2_hw.c | 49 ++-
drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v3_hw.c | 473 +++++++++++++++----------
5 files changed, 380 insertions(+), 270 deletions(-)


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