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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/5] soundwire: code cleanup
On Thu, 11 Apr 2019 05:16:56 +0200,
Pierre-Louis Bossart wrote:
> SoundWire support will be provided in Linux with the Sound Open
> Firmware (SOF) on Intel platforms. Before we start adding the missing
> pieces, there are a number of warnings and style issues reported by
> checkpatch, cppcheck and Coccinelle that need to be cleaned-up.
> Changes since v2:
> fixed inversion of devm_kcalloc parameters, detected while rebasing
> additional patches.
> Changes since v1:
> added missing newlines in new patch (suggested by Joe Perches)
> Pierre-Louis Bossart (5):
> soundwire: intel: fix inversion in devm_kcalloc parameters
> soundwire: fix style issues
> soundwire: bus: remove useless initializations
> soundwire: stream: remove useless initialization of local variable
> soundwire: add missing newlines in dynamic debug logs

All looked fine, for the series:
Reviewed-by: Takashi Iwai <>



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