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SubjectRE: [PATCH 4/4] lib/hexdump.c: Allow multiple groups to be separated by lines '|'
From: Alastair D'Silva
> Sent: 10 April 2019 04:17
> With the wider display format, it can become hard to identify how many
> bytes into the line you are looking at.
> The patch adds new flags to hex_dump_to_buffer() and print_hex_dump() to
> print vertical lines to separate every N groups of bytes.
> eg.
> buf:00000000: 454d414e 43415053|4e495f45 00584544 NAMESPAC|E_INDEX.
> buf:00000010: 00000000 00000002|00000000 00000000 ........|........

Ugg, that is just horrid.
It is enough to add an extra space if you really need the columns
to be more easily counted.

I'm not even sure that is needed if you are printing 32bit words.
OTOH 32bit words makes 64bit values really stupid on LE systems.
Bytes with extra spaces every 4 bytes is the format I prefer
even for long lines.

Oh, and if you are using hexdump() a lot you want a version
that never uses snprintf().


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