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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 3/3] module: Make __tracepoints_ptrs as read-only
On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 16:29:02 -0400
Joel Fernandes <> wrote:

> The srcu structure pointer array is modified at module load time because the
> array is fixed up by the module loader at load-time with the final locations
> of the tracepoints right? Basically relocation fixups. At compile time, I
> believe it is not know what the values in the ptr array are. I believe same
> is true for the tracepoint ptrs array.
> Also it needs to be in a separate __tracepoint_ptrs so that this code works:
> mod->tracepoints_ptrs = section_objs(info, "__tracepoints_ptrs",
> sizeof(*mod->tracepoints_ptrs),
> &mod->num_tracepoints);
> #endif
> Did I miss some point? Thanks,

But there's a lot of others too. Hmm, does this mean that the RO data
sections that are in modules are not set to RO?

There's a bunch of separate sections that are RO. Just look in
include/asm-generic/ under the RO_DATA_SECTION() macro.

A lot of the sections saved in module.c:find_module_sections() are in
that RO_DATA when compiled as a builtin. Are they not RO when loaded via
a module?

If this is the case, there probably is going to be a lot more sections
added to your list.

-- Steve

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