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SubjectWork on iio: stating: frequency: ad9832

I was looking for some work on staging: iio: ad9832 and made some
observations while reading the driver.

Apparently it had no devicetree documentation so I tried to elaborate
It uses a platform_data variable to load external clock
frequency (I tried to make it use linux's clock framework).
Some device attributes don't seem to be standardized on
Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-bus-iio and there's no specific ABI
for ad9832 nearby nor at staging/iio/Documentation. So maybe those
missing ABI could be documented.
The device has to set some internal registers to operate correctly,
AD9832_FREQXHM and AD9832_PHASEXH, would it be feasible to set iio
chanels for this?
I couldn't understand why gave errors on IIO_DEV_ATTR_*
macros. To me they seem to have no problem.
Also it has that platform_data to be moved to include/linux/iio. Is
there any special reason for it not being there already? Which are
the criterions a platform_data need to satisfy to be put there?

I'm sending a patchset with some things I've already done.

Is there something else that could be done in this device driver?
Please, tell if I've forgotten something.

Any advice is welcome.


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